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Welcome to Jugheads.co World Wide WHOLESALE E-Juice Website,  

We are a very reputable company You can trust w/ Your everyday E-Juice retail sales. Where we freely disclose our vaping intentions & offer up full transparency as we have all along for the last 6 years. This is a simpler designed site for ALL Retail Vendors World Wide &/or any Large Volume bottled E-Juice orders. 

Here @ Jugheads.co WHOLESALE We are so very proud to have teamed up with 1 of our country’s top leading cutting edge modern Labs to help expand & offer our world renowned service & awesome e-juice flavours to You .

This new Lab will also fully Test & Professionally bottle our Tasty & Unique E-juice flavours for our ever growing Vaping Market. We sell all our wholesale products World Wide & offer ”FREE Sample Packs” to ANY Retail Vendor World Wide!

Please check Pricing & Payment  on how to receive your FREE Sample Pack.

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• You MUST be age of consent or older to make a purchase (Proof of age ID may be required at time of delivery).

• Jugheads.co WHOLESALE does not make any claims stating nicotine replacement therapy.

• If your intent is to quit smoking please consult a physician. We are NOT medical professionals; refer any medical questions to a licensed physician.

• Jugheads.co WHOLESALE and its products are NOT associated with any health claims and NOT to be used for any medical purpose. All E-Juice/E-Liquid ingredients are Kosher USP food grade.

• Use at your own risk.

• All sales are final. If you have problems with your order please contact us @ jugheads@hotmail.ca

• All funds are in Canadian Dollars By ordering you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Our commitment to you has always been simple:

  • Manufacture & produce the best possible products we can!
  • Offer Unprecedented Customer Service and Vaping Satisfaction
  • Above all listen to you, our Friends & Customers 🙂