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Safety 1st ! Vapin`Tips & Some FAQ’s ?

Some New Vaping Newz Sat.Dec.15.12 !!
In Full Support of all things Truly Canadiana !
Jugheads would like to let You all know their is a VapeTastical New Canadian Forum called WackedOut Canada Forum .
Here -> http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/forum.php
Started & Founded by a Sharp Young Visionary named Shawn out of BC. How cool a name is that eh !!
IF That don’t Scream Canada I do not know what does other than BC has some of the Best Names haha!
Please Join or have a Visit to Show Your Canadian Pride & Support of our Ever growing Canadian Vaping Community .
Jugheads will send Goodies Periodically to Shawn to give away on the Forum as a show of both Support & Accolades!
Thank-You ,Congratz & WTG Shawn

Please Be Safe ! Be Calm & Vape On =)
Please Join ECF = The Greatest Single Resource For ANY1 on ALL Things Vape ! &
Please Support Casaa.org

These Below are Mostly all Common Sense But also a Nice Refresher & For Very New Vapor’s :)
All Opinions/Remarks/Suggestions are Ours Only & over a period of time…

To Us,
This 1 is to be Revered for Beginners !
Unbeknownst to Most & Quite Contrary to the word ”Steam” as in Vapor,
VAPING Severely De-Hydrates You & Can cause some Terrible Side Affects !
No Not Some ”Other” Liquids , ‘WATER ONLY’ Approx. A Liter or 40oz. per Day or More!
Your Body is Going through some Vital Changes for a bit & Water is Dee-Lish !!! THX =)
Now In No Particular Order,
ALWAYS Make sure to ”Treat” ALL Your VapeWare / Gear w/ Kindness & Respect !
This will almost certainly Guarantee Max. Pleasure / Function / Longevity & Reliability !
ie; Avoid Over Tightening any Threaded portions ,Snug is good & Keep Threads Cleaned / Always Keep Your Gear Clean / Especially Mouth pieces ,etc..
Please Remember that Nicotine is a Poison & NEVER Drink or Ingest ! Use at your own Risk !
Make sure to Wash off Immediatley if any gets on your being & ALWAYS Treat ALL EJuice & Bases w/ Extreme Respect & Caution !
IF You have Children / Animals Make sure to Always Keep Your Juice/VapeWare out of Reach & In a Very Safe Place! Last thing You or We need as Responsible Vapor’s is some, Avoidable ”Freak” Accident !!
Use Proper Chargers & Carrying Cases for ALL Your ReChargeable Batteries !
Try to Use Safe Chemistry Batteries if you can such as,
AW-IMR’s/ E’Fest /Panasonic / etc..
But Other ReChargeable Batteries are Fine, Used w/ Proper Knowledge & Care. <– ECF
IF Your APV/ ECig Has 2 Stacked Batteries or More ? Please label them 1 / 2 or a/b etc, & put some clear tape on that ! Always rotate the Batteries each charging cycle! ie; 1st pairing A/B then charge ,now 2nd pairing B/A, repeat/etc…
Always ''Dispose'' of all Batteries Properly & NEVER Take them apart Physically or Tamper with !
IF ANY Battery ! is Acting Strangely or Odd ? IT is best to dipose of them & replace w/ Proper Name Brand New 1's.
AVOID Dripping & Driving & Be Very Considerate & Respectful of Non-Smokers as IF You still Smoked!
Not ALL People will take to the New found McLove of Vaping ,They may still see it as ''Something'' Bad, No Matter what ! IF Warranted = Educate !
IF You & Vaping are Successful ? Make sure to Have Back-ups for Your Back-ups to Continue your Success!
It's NOT Unheard of too Stockpile Your Faves & Get Xtra VapeWare. It's actually Very Easy,Beneficial & Wise !
IF You are Frugal & Happy w/ Your Gear/E-Liquid(s) & Are Not the Fiddling w/stuff type ?
Do Not be Intimidated by Every New ECig Product/Item that Pops Up! Do your Research & Save your Money 1st ! <-We have Many Great Canadian ReViewers to Help You w/This & ECF/YouTube/ SteeleJan Reviews / PBusardo Reviews/ Friends in the Know/EtcEtcEtc…
Most New Disposable Gear need ReVisions or Modding until Fairly Successful anyways? (The endless CE2 ReVisions come to mind for example or ''LavaTubes'' etc.) Very Rare to see ANY 1st Gen. Be 100% Satisfactory ''Out of The Box'' ! & Some are Just so Plain Crappy ,Their Never to be seen or heard from again! =D
What has Vaping Done for you ? Spread the Wealth :) , Talk / Show ALMOST Any1 & Smokers Most of All ?
Their is No Better Spokes Person then Yourself. ECF Also has Business Cards to Help out ! ;)
Keeping & Short term Storage of ALL Liquids & EJuice
A Cool, dry, dark place is best,No Fridge! Under a Kitchen sink / Basement / Garage /etc
Do NOT Freeze or Microwave & Please be Very Aware of Children & Animals !
Average lifespan of Fresh Juice is usually Min.1 Year /Max.2 under Correct Conditions ? Usually!
FYI,Repeat or Extreme Temperature Fluctuations are very hard on juices.
Long term Storage of Unflavoured ''Nicotine'' is approx. the same But IF Properly "Sealed
" ? Then Freezing up to 18-24 months is applicable.
Flavour Subjectivity ?
Surprized You do NOT Like a Popular Flavour ?
Don't Be ! This is a Very Common Occurrence especially when starting out.
You & Your Tastebuds are are gonna be Changing over the next while BIG Time , IF You are solely dedicated to Vaping, Things will even out !
Just like going from, The ''Want'' of an Exact Replica ecig & vape to be exactly like your ''ol'Cig & Taste like your Brand '' !
Best to Order samples of Tobacs IF New to Vaping & Do not expect any to be what you expect Cig Taste wise.
Some are very close while others are a fair Imitation. Usually Soon afterward you will NOT want ''ANYTHING'' To Taste/Smell like what once was! Now the FUN & Hunt Begins…..
Approx 2-4 Months in? You will most likely Experience a time when ''All'' your Juices/Flavour's either have No Taste or are just plain Blah! What you do then is, Take a break & Vape a Neutral or Unflavoured Juice for a Day or 3 ?
Then Re-try/test/visit Your Nermal 1's & see IF That helped ? Also with Over doing ''Flavourings'' Especially DIY Beginners ! You can easily bash those poor taste buds into Dust w/o even realizing it ! Most times Less is More.
10) Allergys & Blends ?
Allergys = Not Super Common but ?
IF You have them already ? PG/VG May inflame them? Go and see your Doctor ASAP if this is the case.
Nothing worse then sumfin better, Hurtin`us ;) Right !!
IF Not But You are experiencing ''Issues '' w/ your Juice It could be because of either the PG or VG Content?
Again ,Please go see your Doctor asap! Even just to let them know you are changing from 1 to the other!

1 way to check is to vape 1 juice of very high PG for a bit & See what happens? & IF Nothing try a Different Juice high in VG .
Then by process of Elimination ,You now buy the non bothersome 1 :) win/win…Hopefully !

Ratios/Blends = What carrys the Flavour & Nic = PG/VG Ratios. & Sub Carriers =H20/PGA/Flavours/Additives/etc/etc..
or Blends/Ratios = examples 70PG/30VG or 50/50 or 70VG/30PG Etc…
PG = Pronounces Flavor/Thinner/ Less Clouds / Can be Harsh-ish
VG = Thicker/Fuller/Smoother/More Cloud/ Slight to Moderate Muting
Best thing to do is try samples of several ''Blends'' or ''Ratios'' for yourself & find what you Enjoy!
mgs & Harm Reduction !
IF You are just Starting Vaping and Do Not know what mg to use?
A good rule of measure is ,How ''Much'' do you Smoke per Day & What mgs is written on the Pack/Deck/Pad etc…?
With this known then you can pretty well figure it out!
IF You smoke a ''pack'' a Day at 1.2 mgs nic. , This would be considered/similar to an Average Smokers approx.intake?
But since Vaping is NOT Smoking & Vaping absorbs Nic.Slower ! & You are just starting out ,Their are some minor differences to keep in mind.
You ''Should'' Order a Variety of Strength's starting around the ''16mg'' mark & lower till 12mg's.
Also order ''1ct.'' over 18mgs for those particular ''Rough'' Times when Nothing seems to be Workin'for ya!
"18-20mg-ish / concentrate or 'c' as we use '' seems appropriate in this case & this is ''Just'' for those Hairy Krazzzy need a Smoke Bad Awful dayzzz….
ThroatHit or TH
By Definition It's the Nic. In the Juice that Induces this & most XSmokers Enjoy this as it Replicates w/ the Juice ! ie; The Higher the Nic, the better or bigger the TH!
BUT Please stay well in your ''Comfortable'' Area of mgs & do not get more because of this!
Their are a couple Simple Remedy's that can add a small simulated hit If Wanted for low or 0 Zero Nic also. Adding a very small amount of ''Clear'' Highest possible Percent of spirits like, Pure Grain Alcohol or PGA or Any Vodka/ Gin /Etc… Almost Vapors choice at this stage or Even Pure Clean Distilled Water. It is NOT a BIG Difference, just a slight enhancer.
Harm Reduction.
The Goal of Many Vapor's is to ''ween'' Off ,Their mg intake of Nic. Gradually overtime!
We offer almost all gradients for this purpose . The highest Success Rates come from a good exit plan & timing!
ie; Approx. Dropping 1-2 mgs per Month seems to be a sweet spot for most success! BUT Remember Every1 is different & As long as you are ''Comfortable'' ? It can be fine tuned by You to Your Specific Needs ! Good Luck !

IF You ever Experience an Overload of Nic through Vaping or What Seasoned Vapor's call a ''Nic Coma'' ? Immediately Stop Vaping and take a good break. You may have to re-evaluate your Intake of mg/c wise & lower it , IF This is a regular occurence?
Again we Stress , Go see a Doctor or Physician asap ! IF You are a Chain Vapor ?
A Good Idea is to Lower Your ''Nic mg'' a bit so to Continue w/ far Less Worry !
IF You ''HAVE'' to have a Cigarette ? Go ahead & have 1 ! Addictions Suck !!! :'(
Be Kind to yourself & Do not beat yourself up … :)
Get back on the VapeTrain asap !
Also Always Remember , Every Cigarette avoided is a Victory ! =) YaY !!!
As ''Switched'' on ECF Says,
[qoute] ''A Vapor w/o a Multimeter is like a Doctor w/o a Stethoscope''! [end]
True That Vapin`Brudda =) TRUE That ! A must have just for the peace of mind alone!
While we are quoting here !
This is a Personal Fave & Probably Inaccurate but you will get the jist,
[quote] PBusardo was asked = ''Whats the best ecig? '' Response was '' Any1 that keeps you Off the Cigarettes!'' [end]
We could not agree more !
Debunking the Mystique of ''Steeping/Speed Steeping/Steeping Times '' & the Facts !
IF Juice is ''Made'' Fresh or Not ALL E-Liquid or Juice needs Steeping!
ALWAYS Shake Very Well & Test Your Juices upon Arrival, ANY That are Off/Funny/ or May need Steeping ? next,
Then take those too a Safe place and either remove the tips & caps for a day or 3 to let breathe like fine wine ? Then re-cap / Shake & retest! or,
w/ Caps & Tips intact ,Submerge in Very HOT Water (NOT Boiling though) Several times through-out the day!
Remember to ALWAYS Shake ANY Fluid in any Bottle Well !
Either you will notice a change or either the procedure(s) may need to be repeated again & then maybe again? Moderate Heat is also well known ''Speed'' Steeper !
ie; Left in Back Window of a Vehicle for 6-8 hrs. on a Hot Summer's day !
A Sunny Window sill for Examples.
Some Juices will never ''Get'' Better!
Your Palette may just NOT like Certain ''Juice's'' Period ?
It could be that it is NOT Good Juice to begin w/?
You could Think of GOOD Juice Like Wine ! Some will ''Miraculously'' be way more Awesome Sauce soon after a short waiting period ? Many Vapor's Order in Advance for this Steeping Ritual !
It could be 30 days / 2mnths /3mnths /etc Down the Road! This Can & Does Happen ! This can equate to ''Forgetfulness'' or A very good Planned Vaping ''Nirvana'' ! :) As your Vaping Time Advance's in either DIY'ing or Patience?
The True Benifits of (Needed) Steeping will be Recognized.
This 1 pertains to how we Operate @ Jugheads.co & What You Should or Can Expect from us!
Running Low or Out of Juice ? = Order a Bit More for just in case or Order Early!
Custom Made Juice is just that ''Custom'' ! Each Order is Very Different from the next & They can be very Time consuming. We do our Very Best ''Every Long Day'' to Get You your Orders out asap!
Patience is a Virtue & Sorry , We WISH we We're a Pizza Delivery Service !
Also, ALL Juices/Flavour's ON This Site are ALL '' Device '' Friendly ! THX
We will NEVER Substitute ANYTHING In your Order !
If we HAVE To make ''Corrections'' or have any Issues ? We will Contact you asap & We will ''Wait'' to here back from you before continuing w/ your Order ! :)
No 1 is Perfect ! IF We have made a Mistake w/ your Order? Please Contact us asap !
We pride ourselve's in our Customer Care & We try very hard to make sure You are Satisfied w/your Order.
e) Ordering
When you place an Order w/ Jugheads.co, You will receive an Auto Receipt , Then we will send you a personal 1 w/ Details, & When you "See" That YOUR Payment has been Collected,
that Means that your Order has been put "Inline" For Processing.
This will usually Take about 24-48hrs to Achieve & You should receive Your Tracking Info the Following Day! IF You Need to Revise your Order in anyway ? Please Email us asap @
jugheads@hotmail.ca THX.
Window Shopping Mode
Once every so often we will have to Close the site Very Temporarily?
LARGE Complicated Orders / Unexpected Rush's / 50 Order's in a Very Short Time Frame/ Etc…
The reason being is, We feel to Offer the Very Best We have in Terms of Both Service & Products & NOT To Fall so far behind that this will be Affected!
We do hope you Understand & Thank-you. Usually its w/in 72hrs or Less ?
We will Post ALL Info Regarding,Time/Date when Approx Re-Opening on the Site when it is in this ''Mode''. The Shopping Cart or Cart Button itself @ that time will Be Disengaged. ALL Existing Orders will be Processed & Shipped asap.
Payment & Shipping.
We Only Use Canada-Post Express Post Service & SnailMail where Applicable !
Mostly because of our Proximity to Nothing else, Sorry.
As far as Payment , We Use EMT/Interac Exclusively & again Apologies.
Please, When You visit ANY Page on this Site that has ANY ''Intro'' Text @ the Beginning ?
Please Read very Carefully , Most is Their for Your Benifit & Helpful w/ Your Ordering. THX
Some DIY Tipz.
Safety 1st. ALWAYS , Be well prepared & Think ahead !
Make sure your DIY working enviroment is ,Comfortable/ Clean/Unobstructed/Safe & have all your Particulars laid out!
Make sure to have easy access to Running water & wear appropriate related gear = Gloves/ Safety Glasses / Apron/ Etc.
a) Always ''write '' all your recipes down!
b) Do Not use any ''nic'' till you are done fine tuning your recipe!
c) Always Start small 10ml bottles & leave room for shaking.
Leaves less room for waste also, IF Any?
Always Start w/ Single Flavour Recipes until you have perfected a few.
Adding ''some'' menthol or mint generally can ''help'' w/ a so-so Juice.
d) Use mls or % as measurements & Not drops Because of inaccuracy's & different size tips !
*BUT You could Use Drops When using either very Strong additives or you use the Same Bottle Tip ALL the Time.
Here are some links that may help ya!
Calculators = http://www.todmuller.com/ejuice/ejuice.php
or = http://ejuice.breaktru.com/
DIY ELiquids & Recipes ECF
When you are ready w/ all of your New found Flavours/Additives /Etc?
Your very best bet is to make some blend or ratios of Plain VG/PG in 10ml bottles.
Do not totally Fill , just maybe 7-8 mls & leave room to shake!
Then especially ALL the =Tobac additives & all by themselve's!! is to add a ''drop'' or 2 in a bottle / shake & Vape! (yes i did said mls & yes it still applies to Flavorings and higher % )
Their are approx. 20-30 drops per ml = approx!
Some/Most of these ''Tobac Additives'' will be literally drops cos of their Strength!
This will give you a very good idea on what they are & will do !
You can play around w/ the ''drops'' until you are satisfied also as this is all subjective! :)
To Be Cont….