In the Lab they will test ALL of WHOLESALE E-Juice for Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione (aka Acetyl propionyl) & Nicotine to guarantee safety & accuracy of ingredients. Please feel comfortable in knowing this w/more advanced testing coming .

ALL our up to date Certified Tested Flavours will be posted in Flavours section here & On our Retail site for your convenience.

Though we will not be able to offer all our flavors, Our most popular 1’s will be added randomly so please keep checking back as we will be updating many more for Wholesale.

The Below test results are for our 1st 5 line-ups , 5 Category’s total w/25 Excellent Flavours to start off, ENJOY !

Jugheads e-Liquid Samples Analysis Report (JH-05-20-2016)

GC/FID Analysis (ANALYSIS CODE) Diacetyl 2,3-Pentanedione (aka Acetyl propionyl) Nicotine

Best of my knowledge all analytical data presented in this report:

  • Have been reviewed for completeness and accuracy Are legible and free of errors
  • Have been conducted in conformity with approved agreement, and that all deviations and analytical problems are condensed in the
    appropriate descriptions  Prepared in PDF format & Review Performed by: Courtney Adam Report issued: May, 24 2016

Test Results

Code Client Code Nic mg/ml Diacetyl ug/ml 2.3-Pentanedione ug/ml Comments
JH-001 Joke Smoke V2 NA ND ND
JH-002 Classic NA ND ND
JH-003 Analog NA ND ND
JH-004 Vanilla Cigarillo NA ND ND
JH-005 Gentleman’s French Pipe NA ND ND
JH-006 Killer Kiwi NA ND ND
JH-007 Silky Mama NA ND ND
JH-008 *Freezin` Peaches NA ND 18.80 Well below industry's standards
JH-009 *Sweet Berry Cream NA ND 24.79 Well below industry's standards
JH-010 *Sweet Peaches n Cream NA ND 22.37 Well below industry's standards
JH-011 Smurfy NA ND ND
JH-012 Iced Lime Surprise NA ND ND
JH-013 Razers Edge NA ND ND
JH-014 Artic Strawberry NA ND ND
JH -015 Jug Juice                                                                                                                      NA ND ND
JH-016 Coconut Cream NA ND ND
JH-017 Key Lime NA ND ND
JH-018 Pumpkin Pie NA ND ND
JH-019 Lemon Meringue` NA ND ND
JH-20 Spiced Apple NA ND ND
JH-21 Lemonade Royal NA ND ND
JH-22 Cranberry Delight NA ND ND
JH-23 Lemon Lime NA ND ND
JH-24 LemonRazz NA ND ND
JH-25 Strawberryum NA ND ND

Notes: NA- Non applicable, ND- Non detected       Narrative Summary

Company Jugheads Client project N/A
Analyts CA/KC Job # JH-05-20-2016
Parameters GC/FID Analysis # Samples 15


Samples were prepared on May 19, 2016. The samples were received at 9:00 am (05-20-16) at 19.5°C by Kristen Cain

All samples had tamper proof caps still intact. Contents were kept in original sealed container before and after sampling and were not accessed

by anyone except the tester, Kristen Cain.



The samples were analyzed for diacetyl, 2,3-pentanedione (aka acetyl propionyl)and nicotine, following all the analytical procedures:


A measured volume of sample was combined with a measured volume of Methanol to prepare the sample. Two Samples were prepared and

3 injections were completed. All data was then measured using HP Chem Station software.

If a sample was confirmed to have either or both compounds after review, a new test was run.

The new test was run with appropriate Blanks to ensureColumn Condition (Zero left over amounts from other previous samples) and

then compared with the previous report.

Additionally, should both reports show differences then new samples were prepared and run based on 3 Blanks initially to

ensure column Condition, and this provided final analysis to ensure accuracy of results. The HP Model 5890 Series II, GC

was equipped with a FID and an appropriate Restek column.