Accepted form of Payment for now – *Please make ALL Payments in Canadian Funds (CDN) THANK-YOU

*Temporarily For now we can Only offer EMT /Email Money Transfer sorry.

Usually for orders $3000CDN. & under you can use our Reg. EMT or Email Money Transfer &  Please send Your payments to & use jughead as your answer. *We soon will be offering Credit Card , Debit & Bank Wire.

Wholesale Pricing as follows  –

1)- Minimum WHOLESALE Orders for either 30ml or 60ml are,

30ml Bottles,

80 x 30ml PET/LDPE Plastic Bottles @ $6.oo ea. = $480.ooCDN   

80 x 30ml Glass Dripper Bottles @ $7.00 ea. = $560.ooCDN   ,

”0 Nic /No Nic”  – 80 x 30ml PET/LDPE Plastic Bottles @ $5.oo ea. = $400.ooCDN

”0 Nic / No Nic” – 80 x 30ml Glass Dripper Bottles @ $5.50 ea. = $440.ooCDN  

60ml Bottles,

40 x 60mls PET/LDPE Plastic Bottles @ $12.oo ea. = $480.ooCDN

”0 Nic / No Nic” – 40 x 60mls PET/LDPE  Plastic Bottles @ $10.oo ea. = $400.ooCDN

*Or any 10 x Combination ( 10 of each/any/ 30 & 60mls ?) of offered flavors.  Please Pay w/ EMT/Electronic Money Transfer only.

*For orders under 80 x 30ml Bottles or any custom blend or nic ? Please add $0.50 cents CDN per 30ml bottle . Temporarily for now till we get our other payment gateways up? , Please Pay w/ EMT/Electronic Money Transfer only.

2)- ALL Canadian orders will have their Provincial GST/PST added to their Invoice total  . Our GST # 839521838

3)- On ALL Canadian Orders there will be a $20.oo Flat rate shipping fee.

4)- For **ALL International orders please email us 1st w/all your details & shipping method you prefer ? Standard w/tracking & insurance or Express w/tracking & insurance.  <- NOT .com

5)- *We do also offer optional ”10ml bottles of our e-juice” to any international orders that may need them ? Please email us @ for pricing & specifics.

To receive Your FREE Sample Pack –

Please email us @ Your Retail Vape Shop Name, Phone number & Correct Complete Shipping address & Any other Info you deem important regarding your Country’s Vape laws &/or Restrictions ? We will confirm your info & send you an email when your FREE Sample Pack has shipped ! ENJOY …

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