The new cutting edge Lab we teamed w/ for World Wide WHOLESALE does ALL our e-juice flavor(s) testing & WHOLESALE bottling only. ( *The ”Retail” side makes ALL E-Juice fresh & by hand & offers BULK Sales also.)

While they are ISO:9001 pending, They have a sterile bottling facility and all employees wear medical-grade scrubs, gloves, hair nets, and eye protection.    All products are manufactured in Clean Room / Lab Environments with high efficiency airflow filtration that eliminates any contamination during the process. They also offer Independent Lab Testing for our products adding additional peace of mind for our clients.”

We use only quality premium ingredients. All ingredients are food grade and sourced only in North America.  Our propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are Kosher U.S.P. Grade.

We pride ourselves in teaming w/ this sterile manufacturing facility, as well as making ”some” of the best e-Juices on the market. All flavors come from premium suppliers and we have listened to our clientele’s feedback to ensure product improvements & the Industry’s best Customer Service.

We are confident but humble you will find our products to be 1 of the finest or dare say even the best in the industry , but we will let You decide that for yourself ? 🙂

*Below are some pictures of the Lab WHOLESALE is privileged to be part of for our World Wide WHOLESALE E-Juice to You.

Lab Shot

Eliquid Testing Equipment 1

Batch Mixing Station

Automated Bottling Machine2