We are Strong Advocates & Supporter’s of our RIGHT & FREEDOM to Vape!

Whether a sole single Vapor or the LARGEST Vape Company, We must ALL do something NOW to ensure Vaping’s Future here in Canada & Globally. Please do NOT Wait till its to late for all of us to miss this great opportunity for us x-smokers, smokers & generations to come !

Only You can make a difference & Together ALL of us can keep this alive and make this happen. You HAVE to Join , Participate, Donate time & Moneys to achieve any of this , Without YOU There is no Future for vaping the way it is now. Affordable, Easy access , Online, Flavours, etc , It Will ALL disappear & be wiped out completely ! Together We all CAN make a DIFFERENCE !

Let us all stand together for all of us as we save each other from even the reminder of what once was . Vaping has & is a LIFE Saver , We need to tell every single person & smoker who is left to tell . We are LIVING Proof , We have the Answer & that answer is Vaping.

Please be active as of NOW & Only YOU can plant the true seeds of a world w/o Cigarettes & Smoking.

Please feel free to choose any of the links below or more if you like , They have all been vetted & They are ALL Worthy ! We will ALL truly appreciate all our efforts when the time comes & its coming … FAST.

A BIG THANK-YOU from Mike aka Permit the Fog , Juggy & the Krew

Canadian Links –
THRA –Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada – http://www.thra.ca
*Jugheads.co Proudly endorses & Supports the THRA.
World Wide Links –
Not Blowing Smoke – http://www.notblowingsmoke.org
The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association – http://www.casaa.org
The Vaping Militia – http://www.thevapingmilitia.org/
Sevia USA – http://www.seviausa.org/
United Kingdom –
New Nicotine Alliance UK – http://www.nnalliance.org
Australia –
New Nicotine Alliance Australia – http://www.nnalliance.org.au
New Zealand –
The New Zealand Vaping Alliance – http://www.nzvapingalliance.co.nz/
We have respectfully teamed up w/ Mike aka ”Permit the Fog” a Canadian vaping advocate/Vlogger/You-Tuber/Twitter/FB/ Instagram /etc, as Proud Sponsors & Agreed Partners in our immediate Quest for Advocacy for Vaping. Please join us & be part of what we feel is the most important part of our lives , Our longevity & Health. Here are all his links below,

Mike aka Permit The Fog –



… and No we do not have a crystal ball … just yet ! 🙂


The Futures so Bright that Vaping Worldwide has become a booming success & will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate for some time to come !

A Lot has changed in our 6 plus awesomesauce years so far @ Jugheads.co & We will always continue to be leaders in this remarkable industry !

We are always open to suggestions / Ideas & Any Feedback. Please feel free to email us anytime @ jugheads@hotmail.ca

A BIG THANK-YOU to ALL of You from Juggy & Krew 🙂



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