Below are ALL the certified tested flavours so far that we offer for wholesale at this time & in no order. Please check back regularly as we will be updatng more randomly. *An Asterix beside any flavors denotes testing results, Please refer to the ”testing page ” on this site for clarification.

As of 05.03.16

 Our Legendary Tobacco Line up 70VG

  • JokeSmoke Classic – The epitome of the Vaping Gods ! Goes w/ every oral fixation ! *Our registered flagship ”Flavor”  
  • JokeSmoke V2 VG  – Version 2 is all VG & still The epitome of the Vaping Gods ! Goes w/ every oral fixation ! *Our flagship ”Flavor”
  • Vanillo Cigarillo – A nice smooth realistic vanilla tobacco flavour
  • Gentlemen’s French Pipe or G.Fr.Pipe – A well rounded very tasty pipe tobacco blend.
  • Analog – Our Generic version of those nasty fugly cigarettes  =/


Our Superb Creamy Fruit Line up  MAX VG

  • Killer Kiwi – A scrumptious fruit combo
  • Smurfy – Rich & Luxurious creamy Fruit
  • Sw. Berry Creams* – Exquisite fruits and creams
  • Sw. Peach’s n Cream* – Sweet fruit and cream
  • Silky MaMa – Very rich & exotic creamy cool fruit drink


Our Breathtaking Iced and Frozen Fruits Line up 70VG

  • Jug~Juice – A Bold & Well blended 2 tone fruit & mint drink
  • Iced Lime Surprize – So real fruit on ice
  • Razor`s Edge – similar to Iced lime above but w/ real lemon instead!
  • Just Chillin` – A magical combo of 5 fruits
  • Freezin` Peach’s* – The ripe fruit on ice like no other …
  • Artic Strawberry – A refreshing frozen fruit on ice


Our Mouth Watering Speciality Pie Line up 70VG

  • Coconut Cream Pie – A match made in Heaven
  • Key Lime Pie  – Real key lime & very refreshing
  • Pumpkin Pie – Boom , that’s the ticket!
  • Lemon Meringue`Pie – A real lemon & creamy meringue to call your own
  • Spiced Apple Pie – Straight from the MoM’s warm oven


Our ALL Refreshing Real Lemonade Line up 70VG

  • Lemonade Royal – Our ALL Natural Straight -Up Superb Lemonade
  • Cranberry Delight – A True Tasty Cranberry~ade
  • Lemon/Lime – A Deelish HAPPY Spin off
  • LemonRazz – A magical lemonade blend w/ Real Raspberry
  • Strawberryum – A refreshing 2 tone keeper w/ Real Strawberry and cream 


More to follow …

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