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Author: Menerva Jenkins aka Kelly

Original Chai Tea from Jughead’s

PG/VG: 50/50
Strength: 15mg
Hardware Used:

  • Tobeco Kayfun Mini in dripper mode, micro coil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drill bit, registering @1.5Ω, on an itaste VV V3
  • KangerTech Protank 3, dual coil registering @1.5Ω on a 1000mAh ego spinner battery
  • Rocket RBA, micro coil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drill bit, registering @1.3Ω, on a DNA 30 box mod

It was like winning the lottery. I got my order in with Jughead’s on the 19th of June! And after the elation faded, the waiting for my juices began.

Then it seemed like they got lost in the mail system. And I nearly had a mini meltdown. But by the grace of the juice gods, they finally came!

As I laid them all out in a row, I already knew which one I had to try first. And that was the Chai Tea. Because I LOVE CHAI TEA! In case the all caps didn’t drive that point home, if it was a drink option everywhere, that’s what I’d be getting. Hot, cold, black, milky; LOVE IT! So it was the obvious choice.

And into my dripper it went, all while I was talking to Juggy’s PR girl, who’s laughing at me while I provided my initial opinions on the juice (which sounded something like “OMG, this is so AWESOME! I could vape this in one sitting! Why didn’t I order a bigger bottle of this?”). She’s telling me to let it steep – if I think it’s good now, let it sit for a bit and I’ll love it more in a week or two.

So I did. Or I tried. I really, really did try…

Oh, who am I fooling! The next day I filled my Rocket with it.

And nearly had myself a chai-gasm.

The throat hit on this is a little higher than I’d like it to be, and I’m chalking it up to age of juice and the cinnamon and spices of the chai. So I think my next order (Yeah Juggy? I’ll take the tanker truck option, thank you), I’m going to max out the VG. But there is going to be a “next order”. For sure, there will be.

Vapor is on par with a 50/50 mix, and the smell lingers just enough to make people sniff and smile. It’s got the right amount of sweetness to make it a tea vape and not a candy vape, which I’m enjoying. And I like sweet vapes. If I could say anything negative about this it’s two things. First, the throat hit (gives me a throat tickle sometimes, but that’ll be fixed with my next order), and second is that 30ml is SO not going to last me long enough.

Good thing Juggy does bulk orders. With a bigger supply, I just might be able to tell you what it tastes like steeped.


Swedish Pastry from Jughead’s

PG/VG: 100% VG

Strength: 24mg (yes, 24)
Hardware Used:

  • KangerTech EVOD Clearomiser, single coil @ 2.2Ω on a 650mAh standard ego battery
  • Tobeco Kayfun Mini in dripper mode, micro coil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drillbit, registering @ 1.2Ω on an itaste VV V3 (11 watts)
  • Rocket RBA, microcoil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drillbit, registering @ 1.3Ω on an itaste MVP (11 watts)

If you ask a Jughead’s fan what juices a new customer should try, there appear to be two common answers. JokeSmoke, and Swedish Pastry. JokeSmoke, Juggy’s flagship juice, is apparently awesome. I’m hoping to get a chance to try that one in the near future. But since I’m a carb fiend (do NOT bring me to the grocery story on an empty stomach and expect me to walk through the bakery section… someone could lose a hand), I went with the second signature sauce – Juggy’s VG Extreme Swedish Pastry Plus.

This one I was warned needed steeping and being my usual self, I didn’t listen. Upon receiving my big bottle, which at that time was a light tea colour, I had to crack it open and give it a shot.

First off, it smelled amazing! It was a good thing I had finished dinner, otherwise it might have been my hand that got lost. Drool inducing waves of buttery, flaky pastry and spices filled my nostrils. Being without a dripper at that time, I filled a tiny bit into an EVOD to give it a try. And yeah, should have listened.

Now don’t get me wrong. First taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything like it smelled, nor like people described. It was still good though. Cardamon was the primary flavour, but there were some other things in there just waiting for their turn to shine. I couldn’t taste the end product, but I could taste it’s potential. At that time though, if I were to describe it, it reminded me of a dark, spicy bun that I remember having at a restaurant when I was in the states years ago.

And so, like the Razzleberry, I tried this juice every couple days to ensure it was getting better, and that I wasn’t missing out on anything.

Has it steeped completely? I don’t think so. A friend of mine showed me his bottle of Swedish Pastry at the point where he considers it to be fully steeped to its best and it’s the colour of my work boots. This is more the colour of Orange Pekoe at the moment. But has it ever improved!!!

Take a European (so unglazed and spiced) style pastry. Throw it in a blender. Vape it. That’s about it. Buttery and flavourful, with just the right amount of spices to tease your tongue. People have said that they can actually taste the flakes… I thought they were just being dramatic, but now I know what they’re talking about.

Like many of Juggy’s juices, this one isn’t very sweet. So it’s not a glazed pastry. But it is the ultimate mixer. Fruit, chocolate, custards, caramels… Almost anything goes with this! And because it’s a fairly strong flavour, it won’t get lost in another juice. Oh, by the way? Razzleberry is the absolute best thing to go with this. Or you could just let Juggy mix the two for you if you’d rather.

If I vape this on an empty stomach and then go into the bakery section, people may die… I really should not skip meals, especially before shopping, or vaping this.


Razzleberry by Jughead’s

PG/VG: 100% VG

Strength: 12mg
Hardware Used:

  • KangerTech EVOD Clearomisers, single coil @ 2.2Ω on a 100mAh ego spinner
  • Tobeco Kayfun Mini in dripper mode, micro coil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drillbit, registering @ 1.2Ω on an itaste VV V3 (11 watts)
  • Rocket RBA, micro coil built with 28ga Kanthal on a 2mm drillbit, registering @ 1.3Ω on an itaste MVP (11 watts)

When I made my bulk order with Jughead’s a little while back, this was one of my must try picks. Why? Cause I love raspberries! As a child, I was given free access to my Grandparents’ raspberry bushes to munch on to my heart’s content, so long as I waited until they finished harvesting what they needed for jam. And boy, I tell you, I picked those bushes clean! And then, I’d get some yummy homemade jam too!

Everyone kept saying that if I loved raspberries, then I’d love this juice. And, well, as I previously stated, I do. So I ordered me a big ol bottle of Jughead’s Razzleberry.

Now, for the uninitiated, Jughead’s juices need steeping. Just about all of them require some time to come into their flavours. If you’re impatient or ignorant of the ways of the Jug, well, you’re going to disappoint yourself. Which is sad, cause with time, his juices are known to become liquid gold. I knew this, but still, I had to try it.

And I won’t lie. At 24 hours old, that juice tasted like raspberry wine hand soap. It even smelled like that. So I capped it back up, shook it till I got tons of little bubbles all through it, and tucked it away in a cupboard.

Tried it again a week later. The alcohol smell was gone. Most of the wine taste was gone too. But the soapy taste was still there. Back in the cupboard it went.

After that I tried it every few days, and noticed it improved every time. And then one night I grabbed my dripper to give it a shot and spent an hour resoaking my cotton to “test” it. And then about 2 weeks later, I filled up my Rocket and brought it to work.

Now, I’m not sure if it needs to steep more. Probably does. Cause I’m told it’s supposed to taste like a big handful of ripe raspberries. And to me, it doesn’t. But you know what it does taste like? Raspberry wine gums! Like someone took a big handful of those drool inducing gummy candies and liquified them. Hence why I “tested” this juice for an hour in the dripper. And while I said I wouldn’t review a juice until I vaped a ml of it, I think in an hour long dripping session, I did that, if not more. And now with the Rocket, I’ve made a noticeable dent in my 250ml.

If you’re looking for clouds, it’s 100% VG. You can’t go wrong with that for fogging :) . Throat hit is a little higher than what I expected for a VG 12mg, but it’s not harsh at all.

Best of all, it mixes wonderfully with Juggy’s Swedish Pastry! But that’s another review.

And so if you’re looking for a kick-you–in-the-teeth-and-take-your-lunch-money sort of flavourful juice, Razzleberry is it. If you’re looking for the best damned thing to spike your pastry juices, Razzleberry is it. It may need to sit for a while but it’s certainly worth the wait.