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Original Mutha, Jugz & Kreem -> A Tribute :)

Original Mutha, Jugz & Kreem -> A Tribute :)

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Our Tribute too another very popular  E-Juice = ”Mother`s Milk” !

Sweet Fresh Strawberries smothered in layers of deep rich dairy cream …

A cross between a strawberry shake on steroids & errr VapeTopia !?  🙂

*Added Homage to the 1976 Classic Movie Mother Jugs & Speed .

Starring – Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch, Harvey Keitel, THX EH !

Juice Size 150mL, 30mL, 30mL Glass, 60mL
PG/VG 30pg/70vg, 40pg/60vg, 50/50, 60pg/40vg, 70pg/30vg
mg 00c, 02c, 04c, 06c, 08c, 10c, 12c, 15c, 18c, 21c, 24c, 26c, 28c, 30c, 32c, 36c
4.50 out of 5

4 reviews for Original Mutha, Jugz & Kreem -> A Tribute :)

  1. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Badelle77 on February 26, 2017 :

    At first this one didn’t do it for me. It was very strong on the cream and the strawberry was almost non-existent… This is one that definitely needs to steep. After steeping for two weeks the wonderful strawberry flavor broke through and man is it delicious! The flavors blend together nicely in a subtle, very smooth way. Very nice vape!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Chucknorris on February 3, 2016 :

    I did not care for mothers milk at all but since I have heard so many great things about Jugheads that I included this in my order and what do ya know Juggy nailed it! Better than MM and with no strange aftertaste that I found with the original. A+

  3. 4 out of 5

    Rating by shiny75 on December 17, 2014 :

    I am in love with this juice. The creamy notes are balanced perfectly with the strawberry, without tasting like this is a strawberry vape. The exhale is so smooth.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rating by bmw204420 on December 6, 2014 :

    IMO this juice tastes like strawberry shortcake and a strawberry milkshake together. The inhale is quite creamy and custardy? and the exhale is a delicous strawberry flavour, but not one you’d find in your everyday strawberry juice. Perfect tribute to Mother’s milk .

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