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Original Flaming Moes

Original Flaming Moes

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How very very Ironic ?! & apologies in advance…

Our FLAMING MOE`S  E-Juice has No cough syrup in it , cannot be lit on Fire, & is Not even a drink Vape sorry  haha   😉  We just really liked the Name  &  We’ll just assume Juggy’s losin`it as per usual lol !

A Beautiful Surly Mix of  Exotic Tobacco, Swedish Pastry &  No cough syrup makes this a very surprisingly delicious & pleasant tasty Tobacco-ishy Vape !

& To Kick it into the Stratosphere of Sooper dee-lish , You can also order it w/ Homer’s Xtra  Secret Sauce !

Many THX again for this LiL`Ginger Nugget,  to our very good Vapin`Peep Dave007 🙂

It should of been a Flaming Homer but Moe stole it !



Juice Size 150mL, 30mL, 30mL Glass, 60mL
Flaming Homer`s Secret Sauce, Moe's Reg.
PG/VG 30pg/70vg, 40pg/60vg, 50/50, 60pg/40vg, 70pg/30vg
mg 00c, 02c, 04c, 06c, 08c, 10c, 12c, 15c, 18c, 21c, 24c, 26c, 28c, 30c, 32c, 36c


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