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Order & Paying Requirements

1. Jugheads.co Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime .

2. EMT/Interac has a $10.00 Min. per transaction & usually $1.50 sur charge per Transaction .

3. Jugheads.co Minimum on-line order is $30.00 (before taxes, S&H costs) Note: regular snail mail Orders are not affected

4. There is a small handling fee with all orders. This will be reflected on your personal order from the site & appears combined w/ the flat rate Shipping fee.

5. We have added our GST No# (GST # 839521838) to our Receipts, so Please make sure to ‘Set’ your appropriate province when Registering for this to function correctly. If for any reason your unable to set your appropriate province, or GST/HST is not paid, please contact Jugheads@hotmail.ca and refrain from making a payment until we can address this issue with you personally. You can attempt to re-register and if this occurs, our apologies.

6. All Customers must be of legal age of consent to order.  Jugheads.co reserves the right to verify customer’s age.

7. For payment(s) the EMT Address & answer is “purelifestylez@outlook.com” & coffee

How do I pay for my order?

All you need is an email address, access to online banking at a participating financial institution, and the email address of the person you are sending money.

How to send an Interac Email Money Transfer:

1. Login to your online banking website

2. Click on Transfer/Payment menu options or click “Send an email money transfer”.  3. Specify a recipient by entering this email address.  purelifestylez@outlook.com

4. Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer dollar amount; this would be your personal email confirmation payment total from Jugheads.co. Then pick the account from which you would like to withdraw the funds from.

5.  You must fill in a security question. For all Jugheads.co orders the security question is coffee

6. You then will have to enter the answer to this question. Jugheads.co asks that you use coffee or you can use your current Order Number # (please note if you use your current order number you will need to change the secret answer for every order payment in all future orders)

7. Follow instructions to confirm the information and complete the transfer.

Click here to view the Interac demo video

Please note: For some bank websites, you may be required to answer a confidential question during the Interac transaction. Order payments may take up to 3 days/72 hours or longer to be processed.

Shipping & Returns

WE SHIP “ANYWHERE IN CANADA” for $15.oo with $100.oo Insurance thru CANADA EXPRESSPOST SHIPPING & the Small Handling fee will still apply.

We now also ship to the United States of America. Please feel free to contact Jugheads@hotmail.ca for shipping costs and more information.

For regular envelope sized orders or economical SnailMail? Please contact us via Jugheads@hotmail.ca

Any Products marked “Qualifies for SnailMail” on Jugheads.co are applicable & there is No minimum order requirement for these products. For all Snailmail orders there is no tracking available through Canada post and Jugheads.co offers no warranties or guarantees on these orders.

Because we cater mostly in consumable products & as E-Juice is considered a consumable item , It cannot be returned or exchanged for sanitary reasons.

Jugheads.co Will NEVER Sell/ Share or Divulge ANY of Your Personal Information

Special Notice:  Rest assured all Fellow Vapor’s, we go to great lengths to assure all our Contents are Correct. We @ Jugheads.co take Great Care in What We Vape & Pass this on too you the customer. =)


Our GST # 839521838