0 items - $0.00 *** Hello & Welcome ALL JokeSmoke Products ALWAYS On Sale ***

*** Hello & Welcome ALL JokeSmoke Products ALWAYS On Sale***

*** We are OPEN for ALL Reg. Website Orders , Email BULK Orders & Wholesale ***
*ALL Reg. Website orders Over $100.00 *before Tax & Shipping are eligible for a FREE 60ml of Your choosing. Please tell us what you would like in comments on your order please include all particulars or We can as easily SURPRIZE Ya !

Also on Steeping Your Juggy e-juice if needed ? We recommend that You shake well & test every1 upon arrival.
Any that aren’t quite what you expected? Take caps & tips off & leave in a dark cool place.(ensure they’re safely out of the reach of children and pets!) Check every 24hrs. till You are satisfied? Remember to shake well as much as possible Between testing. You can also google steeping e-juice for additional remedies.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us via email, or join our Facebook group!
jugheads@hotmail.ca & https://www.facebook.com/groups/Jugheads.co/

*Below is the how to ”Email BULK Orders”

How to Order Email BULK from Jugheads.co =

Email Address is  jugheads@hotmail.ca     NOT .com –> But  .ca

1)- Please include Any of these Size(s) Only &// mix & match Your Choice ?
150mls x up to 7x per small express post envelope ($39.99 each),
250mls x up to 4x per small express post envelope ($59.oo each)
500mls x up to 1x per small express post envelope($99.oo each)
1000mls x up to 3x per LARGE express post envelope ($149.oo each)
(*We will email you back w/ any corrections above on Your order IF Needed ?)
Blends & Flavor(s) etc, in your email & any custom info you may need?

2)- Most all will be a flat $15.oo Express Post Shipping *Except 1 liters will be a flat rate $25.oo
3)- Your Complete Name & Correct Shipping Address
4)-  We will reply to your email asap w/ total amount to pay by EMT ? Once EMT payment has been received we will start to process your order. Please be Patient & EMT address is the same jugheads@hotmail.ca & Answer is jughead.

Once again THANK YOU ALL =)

***IMPORTANT*** Message 07.11.16
We only use ”Nic Select” in all our fine E-juice , THANK YOU

*As a Special Thank You from Jugheads.co, to all our customers who order over $100.oo before Taxes & S&H will be entitled to receive a GIFT of ANY 60ml Bottle of Juice of YOUR Choice ! Please read details below …

We are Strong Advocates & Supporter’s of our RIGHT & FREEDOM to Vape!

Whether a sole single Vapor or the LARGEST Vape Company, We must ALL do something NOW to ensure Vaping’s Future here in Canada & Globally. Please do NOT Wait till its to late for all of us to miss this great opportunity for us x-smokers, smokers & generations to come !

Only You can make a difference & Together ALL of us can keep this alive and make this happen. You HAVE to Join , Participate, Donate time & Moneys to achieve any of this , Without YOU There is no Future for vaping the way it is now. Affordable, Easy access , Online, Flavours, etc , It Will ALL disappear & be wiped out completely ! Together We all CAN make a DIFFERENCE !

Let us all stand together for all of us as we save each other from even the reminder of what once was . Vaping has & is a LIFE Saver , We need to tell every single person & smoker who is left to tell . We are LIVING Proof , We have the Answer & that answer is Vaping.

Please be active as of NOW & Only YOU can plant the true seeds of a world w/o Cigarettes & Smoking.

Please feel free to choose any of the links below or more if you like , They have all been vetted & They are ALL Worthy ! We will ALL truly appreciate all our efforts when the time comes & its coming … FAST.

A BIG THANK-YOU from Mike aka Permit the Fog , Juggy & the Krew

Canadian Links –
THRA –Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada – http://www.thra.ca
*Jugheads.co Proudly endorses & Supports the THRA.
World Wide Links –
Not Blowing Smoke – http://www.notblowingsmoke.org
The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association – http://www.casaa.org
The Vaping Militia – http://www.thevapingmilitia.org/
United Kingdom –
New Nicotine Alliance UK – http://www.nnalliance.org
Australia –
New Nicotine Alliance Australia – http://www.nnalliance.org.au
New Zealand –
The New Zealand Vaping Alliance – http://www.nzvapingalliance.co.nz/
We have respectfully teamed up w/ Mike aka ”Permit the Fog” a Canadian vaping advocate/Vlogger/You-Tuber/Twitter/FB/ Instagram /etc, as Proud Sponsors & Agreed Partners in our immediate Quest for Advocacy for Vaping. Please join us & be part of what we feel is the most important part of our lives , Our longevity & Health. Here are all his links below,

Mike aka Permit The Fog –



Home of The Finest Hand Crafted Fresh Premium E-Juice @ very affordable pricing! est.2011 =)

We are Open for Reg. Orders & BULK Email orders. THANK-YOU again from Jugheads.co


*Newest UPDATE 08.25.15

We are always Open for \’ Anytime Email BULK Orders Only \’ , Details Below THX =)

Re~Sellers =  http://www.jugheads.co/shop/resellers/

How to Order Anytime Email BULK from Jugheads =

Email Address is  jugheads@hotmail.ca     NOT .com –> But  .ca

1)- Please include ALL Size(s) Blends & Flavor(s) etc, in your email & any custom info you may need?

2)- Your Complete Name & Correct Shipping Address

3)-  We will reply to your email asap w/ total amount to pay by EMT ? Once EMT payment has been received we will start to process your order. Please be Patient & EMT address is the same jugheads@hotmail.ca

4)- * Unfortunately,  The usual 60ml FREE GIFT for Orders over $100.oo before Taxes & S&H ,  Does NOT Apply for Email BULK Orders , Apologies & sorry.



Option #1 ~ Small Bulk Xpress envelope shipping & Email orders Only = ANY 1 X 150mls for $39.99 (or up to 7 x 150ml bottles per envelope )

ANY 1 X 250mls for $59.oo each (or up to 4 x 250ml bottles per envelope)

ANY 1 X 500mls for $99.oo each (Max. 1 x 500ml bottle per envelope)

*Or a Combo of 150mls & 250mls that will fit said envelope?

Flat rate Xpress shipping $15.oo Includes $100 Insurance. GST NOT Included & will be added @ time of order.

Option #2 ~ Large Bulk Xpress envelope shipping & Email Orders Only =

ANY 1 X 150mls for $39.99 (up to 20 x 150ml Bottles per envelope )

ANY 8 X 250mls for $59.oo Each (up to 8 x 250ml Bottles per envelope)

ANY 5 X 500MLS for $99.oo Each (up to 5 x 500ml Bottles per envelope) ANY 3 X 1000MLS for $149.oo Each (up to 3 x 1000ml Bottles per envelope)

*Or any Combo of above NOT Exceeding 3 liters.

Flat rate Xpress shipping $25.oo Includes $100 Insurance GST NOT Included & added @ time of order *Optional $30.oo Complete New Order Replacement Insurance. *IF Canpost messes any order up? We will fully replace it !

Option #3 ~ Boxed BULK , Email orders Only = * Minimum 9 x 250mls (see LARGE Xpress above ) & /or any Combo below , that is OVER 3 liters.

Shipping prices will vary on these Bulk orders but will start at $30 & up. GST NOT Included & added @ time of order. 250ml (each $49.oo each CAD) 500ml (each $89.oo each CAD) 1 Liter (each $139.oo each CAD )

ALL Bottle sizes Include Flip-Top caps for easier pouring.

*Except 150mls (driptip only)
Minimum Orders are any 1 bottle or combo there of . 
1 flavor/blend & Any nic strength up to 24mg per bottle.

We can also offer any Bottles / Labels /Bizz Cards / etc … IF Needed / Wanted ?

Please be aware,
For BOXED BULK This does not include shipping/insurance or applicable
GST/HST until Ordered ? ALL other bulk will have applicable GST/HST
Added @ time of order.



Hello & Welcome to Jugheads.co 🙂

Whether this is your 1st visit for you to Jugheads.co or You  just need to get re-acquainted …

Please read below as it should answer most all immediate Questions or Concerns?


1. Please refresh your browser &/or clear your cache/cookies to make sure you are updated for this site.

2. You can only register after you order & when this site is open. You can also” Save” all your details after you order and register on this site.

4. There is a wishlist on this site. It only works *after you register.   (Wishlist link is underneath the ”My Account” @ the top of the page.)

5. You can add reviews in Window Shopping Mode if you have registered.

6. Prior to ordering please check out the link on How to Pay (above) for all payment/shipping info.

7. Jugheads.co has a Minimum of $30.oo for on-line orders  (before taxes, S&H costs) & a small handling fee w/ each order.  We use Canada Xpress Post exclusively at $9.99 flat rate w/ $100.oo Insurance for our shipping  & the added small handling fee will still apply.*Note: regular snail mail Orders are not affected

8. TIP ~ Our site can be quite daunting for finding Your Juice flavor(s) ?  To possibly help & assist you, Please utilize the search box above w/ key word(s).    Example ;  If you like or want something w/ ‘banana’ or ‘caramel’ or both , type in the word banana or caramel  or both in the search box & it will show you flavors that contain those ingredient(s). You can also try & use any key words to help in your search also , again Example ; creamy or sweet or fruity , etc…

9. We do take Custom Juice Orders,  so if you have any requests regarding Blend/Ratio’s or other ? Please  email us anytime or just add in comments when ordering. Example ; MAX VG, MAX PG , odd number nic strength’s 3mg nic, Etc…

*10. Our Bulk Ordering is finally in place & is in Hopes of helping w/ both keeping the site open longer & spreading our Products to a wider audience then just this site ? http://www.jugheads.co/shop/product/wholesale-bulk/


A Special Thank You GIFT from Jugheads.co

As a Special Thank You from Jugheads.co, to all our customers who order over $100.oo before Taxes & S&H will be entitled to receive a GIFT of ANY 60ml Bottle of Juice of YOUR Choice !

Please be advised,

1) 60ml Juice GIFT is $100.oo Before Tax & S&H .

2) Sample flavor packs are always exempt from ALL/ ANY  Jugheads.co offers

3) ALL Online Orders are Minimum $30.oo before Taxes & S &H .

Also, Please remember to put your Special Thank You GIFT in the Comment box when you order. Ensure you include all details; flavor, pg /vg/nic , etc…

If you would like to be Surprised instead or can’t decide which flavor you would like. Please leave the word “SURPRIZE” in the comment box of the ordering page.

We will make sure to add to your order the appropriate amount(s) & something of our choosing just for You!!  = SURPRIZE !?!?  lol 😉


Some great links to share: 

Jugheads.co is on Facebook , Many THX to & run by our Buds Larry =) & Mollie 🙂

Please be kind to Larry =) & Mollie 🙂 as they are doing this out of the kindness of there Hearts to help all of us out as much as possible being our spokespersons & any inquiries/ questions/ issues/ etc ,  You may have , THX EH !

You can find us @  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Jugheads.co/

A warm & cozy place for any1 / customers / fans alike / etc to chat, ask questions or tell a good story about vaping. Feel free to Pop on in & say “Hello” =)


In full support of all things Truly Canadian! Jugheads.co would like to let you all know about a VapeTastical new Canadian Forum called WackedOut Canada. Here à http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/forum.php This site was founded by a sharp young visionary, named Shawn out of BC Canada.

If that doesn’t scream Canadian, I do not know what does? Please join or visit this site to show our Canadian pride & support of our ever growing Canadian Vaping Community. Jugheads.co will send goodies periodically to Shawn to give away on the forum as a show of both support & accolades!

Congratz & WTG Shawn 🙂

What`s the Law ?  ->   http://whatdoesthelawsay.ca/

We strongly suggest & urge Any1 to Please Join & Support THRA on Facebook. Thank-You. 🙂

Please consider donating in support of CASAA.org and your local SPCA.  Consider giving what you can of your Time & or Money. THX 🙂

Jugheads.co Will NEVER Sell/ Share or Divulge ANY of Your Personal Information

Jugheads.co Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone @ Anytime . Thank-you

JUGHEADS.CO makes no claims or statements, as to the health benefits or the potential effects of any of the products we carry. JUGHEADS.CO makes no claim on any of our products being a stop smoking aid.  Please be Advised, ANY Products on this site are used @ YOUR Own Risk. Please seek medical advice prior to ordering if Warranted.